Muddy Mondays

January 24th

Today we joined Laurel class for Trek Out Tuesday. It was very wet and muddy, but fantastic fun!!!!

We walked down to the stream and noticed the fast flowing water. We discussed why it was faster than usual, the direction and the noises we could hear. It was very different to last week when we broke the ice on the stream.

We had great fun in the cow field. Lots of the children got stuck in the (very smelly) mud!!!!! What a morning

Joseph- I like splashing in the river

George- I like collecting sticks

Jamie- I liked slipping in the mud

Luke W- I like going through the gate

Luke D- I liked collecting and eating blackberries

Bethan- I liked making the acorn people

Georgia- I like walking and searching for something

Aiden- I liked going over the bridge

Niamh- I liked acting out The Three Billy goats Gruff on the bridge

Chloe- I liked running accross the field

Drew- I liked it all!

Lacey-Lou- I liked slipping in the mud

George- water went in my wellies

Sophie F- I got a muddy bottom!

DSCF1371  DSCF1349