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PE Funding 2014/2015


Last year we received an additional £8,485 PE Funding to support our PE provision throughout the school. This funding was used for a variety of purposes, including staff training, funding of specialist PE coaches and transport to and from sporting events amongst other things.


Last year we allocated funding to the following:


-Sign up to 'All Active Academies' and 'Change 4 Life'.

-Coaches to and from sporting events.

-Bhangra Dancing 

-Dodge Ball 

-Umberslade Adventure (Whole School)

-Swimming Gala 

-Quicksticks Hockey Festival


-Tag Rugby Tournament 

-Tennis coaching 

-Basketball coaching 

-Athletics coaching

-Cricket Festival

-Dance Festival

-Boccia Festival

-Sports Cultural Day (Whole School)

-After School clubs including Dodgeball, Tri Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Football and Cricket.

-Staff Training


What impact has this had?


CPD - All staff and pupils received gymnastics training for half a term as staff had identified this as an area for development. All staff reported an increase in knowledge and confidence in delivering and developing ideas. Two members of staff received swimming training which enabled us to deliver high quality lessons to all pupils including those in Years R, 1 and 2. Parents reported an increase in their children's confidence in the water. In addition staff attended a variety of courses including 'Smart Moves' and 'Delivering high quality PE' as well as courses on rugby, golf and tennis. These were shared with all staff which resulted in high quality delivery and ensured that we are able to continue to use and develop these areas. This will also help sustain PE delivery in the future.


Coaching - Children benefitted from being taught by specialist coaches in dodgeball, golf, tag rugby, tennis, basketball and athletics. Staff also worked alongside these coaches to improve their own understanding and ability to develop new ideas. This will also help sustain high quality PE delivery in the future.


Leadership - Lunchtime Supervisors and pupils were trained as 'Play Leaders'. This has resulted in pupils leading, organising and adapting purposful activities for other children. Staff reported an increase in these children's confidence and self esteem. They also stated that pupils were more keen to participate in activities organised by their peers, especially those who demonstrated more challenging behaviour. This went from strength to strength throughout the year. We trained Year 3 pupils so that we could sustain this involvement into the next academic year more easily.


After School Clubs - We provided a range of clubs including hockey, football, dodgeball, golf, tennis and cricket many of which were chosen by the pupils. These clubs have given them opportunities to excercise regularly, try different sports as well as working as a team and improving their skills. We saw an increased demand for clubs and attendance increased too. This had a positive effect on children's participation and performance in festivals and their attitude towards sport. We actively encouraged pupil feedback on these to foster enthusiasm and to enable us to respond to any preferences around which clubs to run.


Festivals - Pupils attended a number of festivals including 'Quicksticks' hockey, multiskills, Bhangra dancing, tag rugby, cricket, OAA, dance and athletics. In addition, children took part in intra-school festivals comprising of swimming, orienteering, boccia and cultural sports. Taking part in competitive sport had a positive impact on the children's motivation and helped develop more positive attitudes to sport in general.


All Active Academy - We signed up for this local initiative. It provided us with most of our CPD and access to festivals and enabled us to liaise with local schools and share good practice. As a result of this, the range and number of sporting opportunities for our children increased and children were far more motivated to compete with other schools.


Transport - Payment for transport to all sporting events has enabled inclusion for all pupils. As a small school, high transport costs had always been a barrier to us taking part in many events.





We are due to receive another £8485 which we will again use to support our PE provision throughout the school. We plan to:


- continue to provide CPD for all staff to ensure development of new initiatives and skills and to enable staff to work alongside specialist coaches

- continue to be part of the All Active Acadamy to ensure we keep up to date on new initiatives, access CPD and to share good practice

- set up and develop the role of a 'Sports Crew' within school. Selected pupils will be responsible for organising sporting events and looking after equipment. This will develop our 'Pupil Voice' and give the children more responsibility and ownership

  • - continue to pay for transport to and from sports festivals so that we can continue to offer a wide range of sporting activities to all pupils

- train a new set of 'Play Leaders' to ensure the children continue to develop organisational and leadership skills

- continue to provide specialist sports coaches for both curriculum lessons and after school clubs

- develop more community links and to involve families in activities to encourage healthy lifestyles






We have just renewed our annual subscription to '5-a-day TV'. Children are accessing the site online and are enjoying the 5 minute workouts. The site has many other activites which the children have seen in school. 


The good news is, it is still free to use at home so, click on the link below and try it out!


5-a-day tv