National Curriculum 2014

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Children learn from everything they do.  We therefore plan the school environment to stimulate the children's senses, value and celebrate their achievements, and provide a comfortable and secure place in which to learn.  We believe that the concept of education must be wider than the academic, and seek to develop children’s creative and physical capabilities across the curriculum.

Children are taught using a range of approaches to suit their needs and abilities.  Children may be taught as a whole class, in groups, in pairs, as individuals or as a whole school, depending on the purpose of the lesson.  By using a variety of approaches and differentiated activities, all children are encouraged to meet their full potential.  Lessons are well planned, clearly structured and well resourced.  Expectations are always high and staff work hard to ensure that children reach their goals.





Our purpose built Early Years Unit provides a wonderful learning environment for our youngest children.  Our Early Years staff provide a curriculum where learning through investigation and play is encouraged.  With an “I can do it” attitude to their learning it is no wonder that the children’s academic and social skills take off so quickly.

EYFS Framework      Development Matters



The school follows the National Curriculum for English and the teaching of literacy has a very high priority.  Expression through language is the key to all effective communication and is important in every curriculum area.  Children are encouraged to make sense of print from their very first days in school and to express their thoughts in writing as soon as possible.

We use Oxford Reading Tree as a basis for our reading, but this is supplemented by a wide variety of reading material. To support the introduction of phonics we use Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics. 

Letters and Sounds  



Mathematics is part of the children’s lives, both in school and in their own environment.  Our aim is to ensure that each child is equipped with the mathematical skills required to meet the demands of every day life.  At Beoley School we follow the National Curriculum for mathematics, which places great emphasis on the development of efficient mental strategies.  Parents are encouraged to help support the children with this curriculum area through homework activities.


The experiences which science offers help the children to understand the world they live in.  They have a natural curiosity wanting to know ‘how?’ or ‘why?’ and science allows them to extend this enthusiasm through detailed investigation.  With teacher guidance and expertise they can explore in an informed way and continue to build on their knowledge.



We are proud of our ICT resources at Beoley.  Every classroom has Internet access and the school has laptop computers and i-pads.  All of these are connected to the Internet and networked internally.  All of our 4 classes have Interactive Whiteboards. These have proved powerful teaching tools, allowing children to learn skills before practising them individually or in pairs.  Over the last few years we have worked hard to improve the quality of both hardware and software, improving the skills and experiences of both staff and children.



The children experience a variety of D.T. activities through designing and making assignments, looking at food, textiles and construction, investigating and evaluating products.  Through these activities they will gain knowledge and understanding of health and safety, quality, products, structures, mechanisms and control.  These activities are delivered in a meaningful and relevant context as part of our topic work. 


Our broad aim for the teaching of geography is to increase the children’s awareness of the relationship between the Earth and its people through the study of place, space and the environment.  Map skills, geographical vocabulary, fieldwork and recording will be introduced as well as elements of physical geography.  We use our locality to support our geography work as well as contrasting this with other locations.  


We aim to provide the children with a ‘sense of history’by introducing them to the past.  In order to develop historical perspective and understanding, we expose the children to a range of artefacts, pictures and historical sites.  Beoley, being a very old village, has excellent resources on its doorstep. We believe that as well as providing links with the community our approach puts history into a meaningful framework to enhance understanding.


We use a range of media to develop and record experiences in the visual form and we value efforts from all children.  A wide range of resources is made available and children are taught a variety of skills for artistic expression.  Artwork is clearly displayed for all to see and children study art in the context of a culturally diverse society, its history and traditions.  We have been awarded ArtsMark Gold in recognition of the quality of our work in the arts.


Children have fun making and listening to a wide range of musical sounds and explore ways of changing them.  We use ‘Music Express’ as a basis for our class based activities.  Any one can join in and no one gets it wrong!  We also have singing once a week as a whole school.  All children have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument during their time at Beoley. 


As an ActiveMark school we pride ourselves on the many ways in which we build on the children’s natural abilities and develop their skills by teaching gymnastics, dance, games activities, athletics and swimming. We use the hall, playground and field for P.E. activities and we also use outside agencies e.g. Action Sport to further develop the children’s P.E. skills.  The children are encouraged to develop their own games at playtimes using the extensive floor markings in the playgrounds and a range of sports equipment.  We use a number of expert sports coaches throughout the year

Each child will start our swimming development programme in Year R and continue this until Year 4.  It is our hope that every child will learn to swim well before they leave our school.  Weekly swimming sessions take place at the Abbey Stadium, Redditch and follow a well structured, differentiated programme, constantly monitored and reviewed by our qualified staff. The confidence and independence the children gain from this experience has ‘spin-offs’ into other areas of the curriculum and school life.  A charge is made to parents; payment is voluntary, but if parents do not pay we may not be able to continue with this activity.


Through religious education, we help the children to develop a positive attitude towards themselves and others.  This is achieved through a broad based Christian curriculum following through guidelines laid down by the education authority.  The children learn predominately about the Christian scriptures but they also learn about other world religions and consider the links between religions.  Children have opportunities to visit non-Christian places of worship. 

P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social and Health Education)

On the road to adulthood there are many things a child must learn about themselves and others.  This important part of education covers important life skills of self-awareness and the important aspects of keeping the body and mind healthy.  Much of our work here takes place in ‘circle time’ when each child is given the opportunity to express their fears and positive solutions to shared problems.  



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