Wren Class

Welcome to Wren Class!


We have been so busy recently!  We are loving exploring our new topic 'The Farm' & think Mrs Bartlett's book choice has been fantastic!


 Supertato Book Cover 260x261


We have also read a couple of the other titles in this series - we are definitely Supertato fans!


We have been learning about fruits and vegetables that grow in our gardens, our farms and in different areas around the world. 


In our school garden we found, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and sweetcorn growing!  


In the garden 478x640







In the garden 2 478x640




What do you grow in your garden?


Have a look at some of our other pictures from this week to see what we've been up to!

Building towers 478x640   Building with 3D shapes 478x640   

Number fishing 640x478  Vegetable printing 640x480



We've had so much fun making new friends this week!  We've become snack-time experts & found all of the toys!



P9060723 640x480  Playing 1 640x480  

Playing 2 480x640  snack station 5 480x640  snack station 6 480x640  snack station 8 480x640


In Wren class we love learning new tricky words.  Check out these videos:


Phase 2 Tricky Words



Phase 3 Tricky Words


Phase 4 Tricky Words


Yesterday, we had lots of fun exploring (chocolatey) poo.  Mrs Bartlett had received the poo (porridge oats, cocoa powder and few added bits) along with a letter requesting our help!  We were asked to help the scientists label the poo as coming from a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.  Mrs Bartlett was very impressed with our deductions!  Here are a few pictures of our investiagtion. 


    first 640x480  second 640x480  3 640x480  4 640x480      

                          T1 478x640  T 640x478

                                            Herbivore 640x478         Omnivore 640x478            Carnivore 640x478



This term we will be learning about Neil Armstrong.  To get our learning underway, Mrs Bartlett shared this presentation with us. 

Neil Armstrong



Look what we've been doing!


Body mapping 640x480


We've been learning about our bodies.  We labelled all of the parts of the body and added any organs or bones that we knew.  Some of us knew where our kidneys were, our skull and even our spine. 


LEaf threading 640x480



In our outdoor learning we have been designing leaf accessories and learning which trees we have in school.  We have also been sawing from a log (watch this space for Christmas gifts!) and hammering on leaves to leave a print on our card.  We have really enjoyed these jobs!


  Cube 480x640  3D shapes 480x640  Cuboid 480x640  

exploring 3D shapes 480x640 2  Sorting shapes 480x640  Triangle based Pyramin 480x640

In maths this week we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  We have been sorting, naming and even building our own!  


using counters 480x640  using couners again 480x640  more than 480x640  Numberlines 480x640

We have been problem solving this week too.  We chose the equipment that we would need to find the solution to the calculations.  



Our First Week in Wren Class

We've been really busy this week making new friends and exploring our new classroom!  


Building 480x640     Castles 480x640      Making friends 3 480x640


 Making friends 1 640x480     Making friends 5 640x480


     Measuring 480x640     Making friends 2 640x480




Roald Dahl Day - Tuesday, 13th September, 2016


Roald Dahl Whole Class 640x480


Don't we look fabulous!


Allana 640x360




Ben 640x360



Billy 640x421



Coral 640x360



Daniel 640x360



Dylan 640x360




Ellis 640x360



Harry G 640x360



Hudson 640x360



James 640x360



Jamie 640x360



Leah 640x360



LEwis 640x360



Oliver 640x360



Scott 640x360



Tillie-Mae 640x360



YinYee 640x360



Willow 473x640



Thomas 506x640